Top 5 best apps to save your battery life!

Battery saving could also be a land of snake oil and half solutions. It truly is difficult to hunt out an application that basically saves you battery since most battery saver measures are manual, including turning the brightness on your screen down, turning down the frequency that apps sync data, and other tried and true methods. In most cases.

Top 5 best apps to save your battery life
best apps to save your battery life

you see bigger improvements when chip makers like Qualcomm, screen manufacturers like Samsung, and battery manufacturers improve battery efficiency of the hardware. However, there are a few of apps which can help too so let’s inspect the only battery saver apps for Android.

1.Gsam battery Monitor

GSam Battery Monitor is another popular battery saver app. It won’t do anything to save lots of you battery life on its own. However, it can provide you with information about the apps draining your battery. you'll use that information to enhance your own battery life. It can show details on wakelocks, wake time, and even CPU and sensor data. It faced some difficulties with the newest versions of Android. However, there's a root companion which will deliver additional information if you've got root. It’s pretty good for what it's .

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2. Greenify

Top 5 best apps to save your battery life

Greenify is one of the foremost popular battery-saving apps. It identifies apps that awaken your phone more frequently. It also can help keep them from doing that so often. The app also has modern features for Android Nougat and beyond with Aggressive Doze and Doze modes. This app is beneficial for both root and non-root devices.

However, you’ll get more functionality and power with root. All of the features are free. there's an optional donate version that runs for $2.99 if you would like to support development.

3. Wakelock detector

Wakelock Detector is one among the simplest battery saver apps. because the name implies, this app helps detect wake-locks. It can detect both partial and full wake-locks. you'll also get an inventory of all the apps that are causing it. From there,

 you'll take steps to uninstall the apps, find replacements, or use another app like Greenify or Service to place a stop thereto nonsense. this is often the one we’d recommend first to root users.

4. Dozmode

Android’s native capabilities far outshine what you'll find in app form. Doze Mode puts your whole device during a hibernation mode of sorts. Apps can only sync occasionally and in batches as dictated by the OS. Thus, it saves plenty of battery life. App Standby restricts data usage by apps you don’t use fairly often for extra savings. These are enabled by default in modern versions of Android and you actually can’t control them. However, by simply not using apps and by leaving your phone to relax for a short time, the modes activate and reduce battery drain by an entire bunch.

5. Servicely


Servicely is one among the higher root-only battery saver apps. It works by stopping services that run within the background. It helps prevent rogue apps from going bananas and keeps them from syncing all the time. this is often great for apps you wish having, but you don’t want to sync all the time.

you'll get a delay with stuff like notifications, though, so do use this tool carefully. This app works well with wake lock detectors as a potent one-two punch. It’s highly configurable with enough options to form it work how you would like . you'll get the professional version as a 500 in-app purchase.

Ya that's it for today guys. Hope you have got the perfect application that suits for you 

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