Top 5 best Prank call making apps for android

Most of us want to do entertainment activities, We love to call them and make them feel suspeciuos.but if we want to make this calling more fantastic, then we should use any prank calling applications for fun in this article I want to talk about some of the best pranking apps for calls.

Top 5 best Prank call making apps for android
Top 5 best Prank call making apps for android

Prank calls aren’t the favored medium they once were. Caller ID, a lot of sensitive society, and legal problems created prank decision comedy too troublesome to try to systematically well. However, there's a little, loyal fan base for prank calls and there square measure some apps to assist thereupon. There square measure 2 sorts of prank decision apps as way as we will tell. the primary square measure apps that pretend voices and spoof caller IDs and also the second square measure sources wherever you'll be able to listen or read prank calls by people. we've got a healthy smattering of each here. Here square measure the most effective prank decision apps for Android.

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1. Jokesphone

JokesPhone could be a prank decision app with a bunch of pre-recorded prank calls. You place the decision and therefore the app takes care of the prank for you. every decision is formed from a 3rd party service, therefore, it’s not traceable to your mobile device. to boot, 

every decision is recorded for your amusement. Like most, you acquire calls and therefore the value could be a very little dear. It most likely doesn’t facilitate once a decision goes to voicemail and you lose your decision credit. It works well apart from that. there's another app, Juasapp, that's a copy of this one simply with totally different colors. you'll be able to use either one.

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2. Myphonerobot

Top 5 best Prank call making apps for android
my phone robot

MyPhoneRobot is one in every of the additional widespread prank decision apps on the golem. It’s one in every of the prank decision apps with pre-recorded messages. You obtain credits, place the decision, and also the app will its factor. It additionally records the prank demand your enjoyment later. It’s nothing too absurd or distinctive during this house. 

The credits will be expensive and also the recorded messages ar hit or miss. However, it will work and it additionally hides your sign.

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3. Spoofcall

Spoof decisions could be a terribly straightforward app. It works across a spread of use cases however it’s all usable by pranksters yet. Basically, you deliver a number of USD for a few credits and build a telephone. The app allows you to modification your variety to one thing else. 

It’s not a prank decision app therein it doesn’t have any extra options for prank calls. It’s simply a decision spoofer app. Calls price $0.10 per minute, therefore, it’s large if you merely need to create a number of short prank calls.

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4. Caller ID Faker

Caller ID role player is, well, a display spoofer app. It bills itself as a prank decision app however it solely extremely hides your variety. That’s quite enough for a few individuals. It uses a 3rd party decision service to spoof the signaling and therefore the in-app purchases add minutes to your account. You enter the phone number and it will start working.

Top 5 best Prank call making apps for android
caller id faker

you would like to decide and therefore the number you would like the decision to return from and therefore the app takes care of the remainder.

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5. Pocket cast

Pocket Casts is one among the foremost in style podcast apps and it’s an honest spot for prank decision fans. There square measure a range of podcasts with a prank decision theme, as well as The Prank decision Podcast, institution Radio, The Snow Plow Show, and plenty of others. 

In fact, podcasts square measure wherever you’re possible to seek out the foremost recent in prank decision humor. If Pocket Casts isn’t up your alley, we tend to advocate making an attempt Google Podcasts, Doggcatcher, or Podcast Addict.

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