How to setup and use Orbot App on android

Orbot Proxy/VPN application is the most popular and powerfull proxy application in the world.The Orbot helps the user to reach dark web and to reach those websites which are banned by ISP or Government.Orbot is the best free opensource VPN which has No ads in it.but the problem is it is difficult to cofigure it with other applications.

Orbot app setup

In this article we want to share the complete process of configuring Orbot VPN in your android smart phone.

What is Orbot  ?

Orbot is  a free proxy/VPN app that empowers alternative apps to use the net a lot of firmly. Orbot uses Tor to cypher your net traffic then hides it by bouncing through a series of computers round the world. Tor is free computer code And an open network that helps you defend against a kind of network police work that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security referred to as traffic analysis.

In common words ORBOT-Tor project is a complete package of  anonymous surfing in internet.You can also use Tor browser instead of Orbit application. Tor is a web browser which allows the user to surf in the internet without any Extra vpn or extra cost.this allows the user to surf internet anonymously.some of the features of Orbot,

Features :

  • It helps to hide IP address
  • It also Hides your Location and encrypts your data
  • It helps to bypass Firewalls
  • If you use Tor browser with orbot, you will get double protection.
  • It helps to surf dark web(. Onion websites)
  • You can anonymously surf any website.
  • Tor is the best combination with Orbot
If we talk in simple words Orbot is a VPN which allows the user to perform the task is not easy to setup Orbot in any in this tutorial you can understand how to successfully configure Orbot.

How to setup Orbot on any android/iOS phones 

Here I will share you the complete trick to setup Orbot in any device.before we proceed you should make sure that you have active internet connection and inbuilt vpn mode your phone itself.because it helps the application to configure with the system let's begin,

1. Install & Open the Orbot :Tor for Android application or click here

Orbot setup

2. Click to continue and when you reach the given option for selecting the application for which Orbot should work as VPN or you can also select after the this process.

Orbot setup
Select the app

3. After the connection a new window will be opened and you can change it in your own way without offing the VPN mode.You can even change the country.

Orbot setup
Orbot app

Orbot setup
Changing the country

4. If you trouble while connecting or your phone doesn't support it you can enable bridge connection by clicking on the bridge option.

Orbot setup
Bridge connection

So that's it guys :-) Now you are successfully connected to a VPN network. If you have any problem or questions just comment below.

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