Gradient celebrity app - the celebrity you lookalike

Nowadays hot trend is The gradient application which compares your photo with the celebrity you lookalike. The gradient application which is the next version of Face app which uses AI face recognition to find out your twin celebrity mode.

Gradient celebrity app - the celebraty you  lookalike
Gradient celebrity app

The gradient app became famous after the touch of famous Hollywood actors like Jimmi Kimmel, Diplo etc.but as the face app was a lit controversial about its privacy, this application also may be a problem for conserving privacy. The gradient app also not a free of cost application as it offers 3 days trial without any credit info. this application was developed by TICKET to moon Pvt company. And the application offers other editing features like Filters, crop, and other common editing apps.

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Some of the great features :

> You can find your alternative
> Free for 3 days of installation
> New hair recoloring feature is coming
> The application has all the basic editing features like brightness, contrast, crop, explosion, etc
> there were some different features that also exist like Tint, pixelization, etc.
> the application comes with $19/m and also $3/week.

you can download the app from the given link below.

Click here to play store

Click here to iOS store

How to find out the celebrity you lookalike ?

To find the celebraty you look-alike, just install the application and open it with completing the login can find the option called 'who's your twin' just click upon the button and select the photo for which you want to see the celebrity twin.

The application uses its own AI face recognition technology find out the next best alternative of your parts like eyebrows, nose, teeth etc.whenver you upload a photo to gradient application it sends it to their server database and using the AI it finds the best comparative celebrity and sends it to your phone.this is the process behind the working of this app.
So that's it. Enjoy the application with the attention of privacy.hope you like be this article. share your response below.

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