Best Private browser for Android - Tor browser

In this article, I want to share a good browser for private browsing. Most of us use Chrome,UC browser.but they are not the safest browser for everyone. because there are many tracking systems which always follow you.
The tracker may steal your web history/surfing data, your interest, your likes, and dislikes for their commercial use.the user data is valuable more valuable than money. So we can't trust any of the browser for private browsing.

Tor browser

Every humankind wants the freedom to do anything but there are so many restrictions which doesn't allow them to do.The browsing also the same kind of restricted freedom. whenever you search something in google,

  • search engines use tracking bots around you.
  • Most of the websites uses cookies to store the personal behaviors
  • ISP or internet service providers also can track your movements.
  • The web catches, history also stores your data.
  • Incognito mode is not the best way of private surfing. It only promises the user that they won't save history.

So in this article, I want to share a complete package which is used by hackers and those who want to surf privately to the dark web also. the name of the browser is Tor.

How does the application works?

Tor works on the idea of Onion routing. In simple words, it means the onion (Vegetable) structure In onion routing the layers square measure nested one over the opposite almost like the layers of onion. This nested layer is chargeable for encrypting information many times and sends it through virtual circuits. On the consumer aspect, every layer decodes the info before passing it to the following level. The last layer decrypts the innermost layer of encrypted information before passing the initial information to the destination.

Let's check out some of the great features of tor browser,


  • A complete package of VPN, Web tunnels, SE, security plugins.
  • No storing of history caches, cookies, behaviors.
  • User can surf any websites which are banned/blocked by govt/ISPs.
  • Duck duck Go search engine.
  • Tor is also available for Windows, Linux and Mac/iOS users.
  • Automatic data encryption.
  • It performs the task without revealing the original IP address.
  • User can also visit the dark web, sites which are cannot be browsed in normal browsers.
  • The Tor browser runs through Onion routing system (ORS)
  • No VPN is required.
  • Basically, it is not easy to use for beginners.

All of the above features are the simple advantage of the application. The user can surf dark/deep web which belongs to .onion can directly download the application from the Tor website for your PC/laptops. It is a bit difficult to install in Linux/Ubuntu systems.

Click here to download

We recommend the user to use this application/technology for the personal development.please don't use these resources for illigal works as it may cause problems for you.

 If you have any problems just comment below. share this article to your friends.In the next article we will explain how to surf into dark web.

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