Save storage use Popshot browser - world's first Interactive smart browser

Most of us use budget smartphones which comes with 32gb - 64gb space range. so most of the time we need to uninstall many applications which are frequently used by us because of low storage space.
we want apps which are small in size like facebook lite etc.lite apps helps us to decrease the space load. But here is an app which is a  browser let the user to use heavy applications like facebook, WhatsApp and many heavy applications.this is the worlds first Interactive smart browser which has  Lots of features.lets know about Popshot smart browser.

Popshot browser

Popshot is a smart app that changes the way people explore, share, and save the web through a first-of-its-kind interactive screenshot feature. This promises to redefine the users’ digital capabilities in exploring, bookmarking and sharing content by making it more visual, organized and direct. Unlike traditional browsers, Popshot has been designed to accelerate exploring through data-saving capabilities, offering users the best in-browsing experience. 
Popshot is now available to Android and iOS users worldwide and aims at improving personalisation and discoverability of content for the ever-growing digital community through a host of smart & interactive features.

Features :

1. User can install any applications he want  for example WhatsApp, Instagram etc.
2. Love screenshot and edit feature
3. Inbuilt Ad blocker
4. Actual web content saving features
5. No useless ads
6. User can play any web games like temple run etc
7. Less storage required for the app and In-app-download
8. Different screenshot editing tools
9. Incognito mode with Duck-duck go Search engine
10. All in one product.

Everyone can install the application and use it if you are interested in saving storage.this is a best of option for those who don't have enough space to install/download useful applications.

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So l think this maybe a best option for all and also people can optimise their social media with less RAM. If you have any queries just comment below.this website is not promoting any illigal,cpc applications.Have a nice day.

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