how to write Tulu Lipi in smartphone ? 🔥🔥

Tulu is one among the five major Dravidian languages spoken by around 2 million native speakers. There are millions of people who speak Tulu language mainly in Southern Karnataka and Kasargod.tulu is the main spoken language in Tulunadu, a region including Udupi and Dakshina Kannada in the west of the state of Karnataka and the Kasaragod taluk. Apart from Tulu Nadu, a significant population of Tuluva people are found in Maharashtra, Bangalore, United States, and the Gulf countries. You can read this article in your favorite language.

tulu script

We want to write in our own script/lipi, but  It was difficult in olden days to study and write in Tulu language. nowadays most of us use Smartphones, but we weren't known about writing in Tulu script. because the Tulu-Shrihari Font was only available for Computer in this web article we want to explain how to write in Tulu script in any android/ios phone. follow the instructions carefully.

These process or steps are not the simplest ones. these steps are found through research and, hard work. before we go on steps, I want to thank on Srihari-Tulu fonts.

Steps in writing Tulu lipi/script your Google Indic Keyboard or download it from Playstore or Appstore.

google indic keyboard

2. Open the Google Indic keyboard and Input the language 'Malayalam language'

selecting malayalam

3.After this process go to play store/App store and download the App Font viewer plus
  or click here to download the app.

font viewer plus

4. Download the Tulu Font by clicking below, provided by Srihari-tulufonts.this is one of the main step of all these processes .without the Tulusree.ttf file we cant write in Tulu language.

 Click here to download

5. Open the Font viewer app and click to the given button on the image and open the directory where your downloaded file exists, or directly click on the  tulusree.ttf file and open it with font viewer app.

open the app the Tulusree.ttf file and enjoy!

the ttf file tulu writitng

And enjoy writing Tulu font, this is the simplest way apart from other methods, you can use the font in your photos, logos, videos.

Note: There is one problem in the use of this font. you cannot directly use the written text in any of the social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter because the social media couldn't recognize the you can turn the written sentence into the image and you can share it!

this post/article is written for the welfare and usage and development of our own language. share this article to your friends & family. the Post credit goes to TrollNanjelas & Srihari-Tulu script.

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