Enable Dark Mode on any Redmi MIUI Phone

Most of us use Redmi phones of Xioami company. So it's a huge demand that how to change the whole screen to dark. The dark mode is usually an inbuilt feature in Benchmark smartphones.but in most of the phones these dark modes aren't available and it is not easy to turn your phone into the dark.so in this article, We are sharing the easiest and simplest way to turn your smartphone into the dark without any root or editing.
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so in this article, I want to talk about the dark mode, before changing into a dark mode we should know about the benefits of dark mode in any smartphone,

Benefits of Dark mode :

  • It saves energy, mainly if the device uses an OLED or AMOLED screen.
  • While the dark text on a white background is the best in terms of readability, Dark Mode (which has light text on a dark background) is better for reducing eye strain in low light conditions.
  • With the majority of the screen dark, the screen glare is reduced, thereby minimizing flickering and blue light.
  • Reduced Eye Fatigue 
  • Less Flicker (if existing issues)  and Less Prone to Triggering Photophobia

How to turn any phone into dark

There is no need to rooting or downloading Beta Rom, just a simple method by installing a redmi theme.here is the complete process of installing and using a dark mode theme. If you know how to install the themes just scroll down,

before moving to the process please check out the following measures,

> Your phone should be in the latest MIUI version which is available in your phone.

> If you have customized your current theme by different Icons, fonts, ringtones, note that by installing this theme, your whole customization will be removed, so you should Re-customise it

> Read the all process clearly before Rebooting your phone for applying the theme.

Follow the given steps to turn dark mode :

1.open Themes app which is Pre-installed in your phone

androbeast themes
MI themes

2. In the app, search 'Super black'  and click to the first theme.

androbeast dark
theme search

3. Just click to the download button and apply it to your smartphone.

androbeast dark
dark theme

And that's it! click to reboot to install the theme and after the installation, your phone is with a new UI, Enjoy it!

Initialising dark mode is very easy in any Xioami phones, you need to follow these simple procedures, share this method to your friends who want to turn their phone dark.this is very helpful to decrease harms to your eye.If you have any problems just comment below or contact us.

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