Top anti-virus and security apps to protect your mobile

In these days usually, we use plenty of applications on our mobile for our daily needs. we don't bother about the security problems. but when it gets savior we try to use different methods to remove the there is a quote that 'prevention is better than cure'.that's why we use antivirus or security applications which helps us to remove unwanted things.

Nowadays there are plenty of virus, malware which directly effects your mobile system. In olden days these viruses, malware, spyware were only limited for PCs. but nowadays as technology grows unwanted malware and all are seamlessly attacking android smartphones. this malware, Spyware is used for stealing data or to destroy the data of the user. we can't take up to action in the time of these preventing them is better than the curative measures. 

Recently A Virus/malware was discovered in more than 50 Million Android users smartphone. the virus is named with the famous character Agent Smith.

What is Agent Smith Malware?

Agent Smith Malware is a simple small type of virus which affects other genuine apps like WhatsApp, Instagram..etc. These viruses were downloaded through those apps which are downloaded from Unsecured sources. they automatically start their work after the hidden installation. they attack other apps And you can see ads in those genuine apps like Instagram etc. we don't know what will it do after this attack.

agent smith
ads in genuine apps

So to prevent these viruses and malware You should use genuine and best antivirus application. One antivirus is enough for any here are the top and best antivirus security apps for you.

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1. Malwarebytes

One of the famous and trusted mobile antivirus and security apps. The tools of Malwarebytes can be accessed easily navigating the software’s intuitive interface. The main screen showcases all the active features, the status of a scan, and the device’s protection history. I personally recommend this app for you.some of the great features of this app are,

> Many preventive tools
> cleans Unwanted materials
> Scans the system and provides the data of the phone
> Alerts whenever you Install the suspect application
> provides shield security to your phone than the virus
> For more features you should buy the premium version.

2. Kaspersky Internet Security for mobile

You may have heard a Kaspersky, one the famous computer antivirus program. this application is also available for mobile.therewere more than 3M downloads of this antivirus in play store. you can use this for better prevention.but if you want to use all features you can buy a premium version.

> Whole mobile Recheck
> Antivirus scan which could be made in the background also
> Antitheft location tracer
> Anti-phishing protection
> Firewall protection

3. AVG antivirus android

With more than 6M user base this antivirus holds the better ranking in antivirus list. this app provides more features in free of the best application for blocking ads.

> Boosts speed of the mobile
> Cleans the unwanted objects
> Adblocker
> Security scan
> Ransomware protection
> Not allows the user to use hacked/modes apps

4. Avast antivirus

As the name suggests this is a popular application used in computers as well as in mobile. over 5M+ downloads, this application has speed analysis power and captures hidden files which are suspicious to the system.

> One of the best antivirus Engine
> Adblocker and Spam call blocker
> Anti-theft option and app lock
> Ram booster and system cleaner
> WiFi security feature and speed checker
> VPN unlock for premium members

5. Norton mobile security

Norton Mobile Security & Antivirus is the all-in-one mobile security and virus protection app. It helps protect your Android devices4 against threats such as malicious apps, theft, and websites designed to steal your information and money.some of the features are,

> Free antivirus protection
> App lock and search engine security
> WiFi security measures
> Web protection like blocks for spying websites
> camera security protection

So these are the top 5 antivirus application list accordingly to us.there maybe others who provide these services.
so more than all these apps, the user means you should safeguard your device otherwise your valuable data may theft or should safeguard your device.
if you have any problem just comment below or contact us.

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