How To Enable/Turn On Dark/Night Mode In Google Chrome Android

Most of us use google chrome is a famous browser developed by is the best and highly secured application by Google.we use browsers to browse websites which we want. we use it for entertainment, educational and for government works it became an important browser for all works. the google chrome is pre-installed in every Android smartphone.

we use browsers to surf our needs. obviously, the chrome browser screen is a white screen which emits light through the screen. these light rays are dangerous for our eyes when we use it in the night without any background leads to sleeplessness, tiredness, dark mode means black screen helps us to protect our eyes without emitting light. dark mode helps to reduce the brightness and it also helps the user to hide tab from others.

So Google took a step ahead to make its chrome into the this article, we are going to talk about enabling night mode/dark mode in google chrome. this feature is fully available in google chrome beta. but chrome beta is not available in every version of Android, because of some problems.

but there are alternative ways to turn google chrome into dark/night here is a way to turn your google chrome into the dark.

Follow these steps

> open your google chrome application. please update the app if you haven't updated it.     (click here

> type chrome://flags  in search/address bar

>  If you see 73.0.3683.** (something like that) you should update the google chrome otherwise download the beta version of google chrome. the version should be 74.0 

 Click here to download chrome beta*

> after doing this, if your chrome is 74 version then continue the process from first step

> then click to 'search flags' and type Android Web

> there will be an option,just enable it.

> then click to Relaunch Now

> after this click to search in flags,and type Android Chrome

> then enable and relaunch it.

> now go to settings- dark mode-off/on

if you don't like it then disable the settings or reset to default.if you have any problem then comment it.

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