Best applications for cloud storage-save your internal memory

We are living in a computer world. In our day to day life, we are watching, reading so many things.they are all stores in our ultimate mind. But apart from our mind, we are using smart gadgets like smartphone, laptop to store our experience or storing our data like photos, music, videos, important files are very important to save our works. for saving those data we are using our phones internal memory, memory cards, hard drive, pen drive etc.but, as usual, it is not enough to store data. because they have so many limitations like,

cloud storage

*They get damaged because of physical interference
*Data could be stolen easily
*May infect by a virus
*Limited storage options like 8GB,16GB,32,64GB
*Dangerous to save important files of office work

So these physical storage has many limitations.they could not be used at all the time.
As technology developed a new term was introduced called cloud storage.this is an interesting and effective way of storing our data.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a model of computer data storage in which the digital data is stored in logical pools. The physical storage spans multiple servers (sometimes in multiple locations), and the physical environment is typically owned and managed by a hosting company. In simple words, cloud storage means storing users data in a bunch of servers. these servers are provided by some of the companies. they are called as hosting company. The user can access and can delete/upload data at any time at any locations. It is highly secured and bounded with firewalls.
Some of the best and free cloud storage facility providers are,


One of my favorite cloud storage service which I use on this website also. Dropbox is a free, off-site server for file sharing and storage. It allows users to sync their files online and across devices automatically.some of the features are

> Free for personal use

>allows the user to upload and share the data
>Free 2GB data storage
>Easy to use
>You can add your friends or other users
>You can download or preview data any time

But if you want more storage capacity or other features, you can buy it

Click here to go >>

2.Google drive

No need of talking more about google drive.every android phone pre-contains google google drive is common in your phone.let's see the interesting features of this amazing application

>Upload any file directly from your phone

>Share your videos, music directly
>Saves Gmail attachments
>Secured platform
>15GB free storage capacity for normal users

"FACT: your WhatsApp application uses google drive to back up your chat, videos, and other data.which will restore when you reinstall WhatsApp"

Also, Google provides another storage service called Google One for paid users which is the extended version of google drive

Click here to Google drive>>

Google One Website>>

3.Amazon drive

Amazon drive is a free cloud storage service provided by Amazon.Amazon Drive provides easy access to the documents, music, photos, and videos that you have stored in Amazon Drive. Some of the features are,

>Create folders and move files between them
>Access all the content you have stored in Amazon Drive, no matter what device it came        from
>Share files as links and attachments through email, text message and other apps
> Download files to your Android

it also provides paid storage options if you can download the free android app by clicking the below-given link


Mediafire is an old and trusted cloud enables many services for is used to stream music, videos directly from cloud.some of the best features are,

>12 GB of space capacity
>View docs, spreadsheets, presentations, video, and listen to the audio.
>Share files on the go via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, other Android apps, or copy and      paste links.
>Create and manage folders of files.
>Automatically backup all your photos and videos.

Securely store, organize, and share all your media through your Android phone or tablet. MediaFire keeps all your photos, videos, reading material, work docs, spreadsheets, presentations, and even your homework in your pocket, ready for you to view or share anytime. All your files will always be safe in your MediaFire account - no matter what happens to your Android device.

Click here to download>>

Click here to website>>


Box is a popular cloud storing which won many awards like PC magazine editors choice award provides many can save data Securely store, manage and share all your files, photos and documents with 10GB of free cloud storage from Box.some of the features are,

>Upload PDFs, Microsoft Office files, photos, videos and other files to Box 
>10GB of free cloud storage to back up all your docs
> Updates feed to find recently viewed or edited files
File-level security controls
>Offline access to files and folders
> Add comments to documents to send feedback
Share huge files with just a link - no need for attachments
>Open files in hundreds of partner apps that let you annotate, e-sign, edit and more

To download box application click to the below link

6.MI cloud - For xiaomi users

MI cloud is an important and best tool for all xiaomi users.MI cloud is a cloud storage service also an important tool to find your device if lost/theft.some of the major features are,

>Free 5GB space capacity
>mi users can back up their contacts, videos, notes, messages, recording, etc
>Highly secured
>you can download data anytime
>Pre-installed in all xiaomi devices
>Find my device tracks mobile
Find my device

The best and special feature is find my device in which the user can find out his device when it is lost/theft.for more info click here

At last all these apps are best applications for cloud storage. but many features were if you want more information stay tuned with to that bell icon.

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