Why 4G is too slow in India ?

Why 4G is too poor in India ?

We know that 4G is the latest and fastest network speed all over the world. 5G also going to arrive soon. but one second, are you think we are getting the fastest 4G speed in India ? The clear answer is No. Indian telecommunications networks are poorest network providers all over Asia. They are just providing 3G speed in the name of 4G.

If we compare indian telecommunications networks with Japanese network , India's 4G network is the 2G network of Japan.
Indian telecommunications networks are providing poorest services. In the name of Free service they are providing least service.
Our 4G speed limit in rural area is less than 2mb/s(according to my areal data).
In urban areas the maximum speed is just about 20mb/s(maximum)
It's a big shame for our nation.also it is a biggest scam in our digetal world.

Why it happens?

The main reason is telecom network providers.they are the biggest companies like Vodafone-idea,artel, reliance Jio etc who are just providing free services to attract customers.but they want to maximize their revenue. So they are not focussing upon
Problems of customers.also they are not concerning about customer care services.
The modern India is focusing on digital india.but these companies are not concerning about this.
After the arrival of Reliance Jio the competition Among the companies were increased. So they are focusing on their attracting customers. So they are not concerning about their customers.

" FACT :  After the arrival of Jio,  every telecom companies started fighting to maintain their market standings. so the company 'vodafone' made a contract with Aditya Birla's 'Idea' company. So they are now formed a joint company called 'vodafoneidea LTD' to fight against Jio "

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