Top 5 best applications to livestream in YouTube and Facebook

As we know livestreaming is a popular and trending concept in the modern world. We can live stream any events like game streaming, Screen streaming, Physical event streaming like programmes, cultural events etc.but rather than these, Game streaming is a popular and known event of streaming.

You can get many game streamers on YouTube and Facebook. As we know that it's a way of income for those gamers. but for those livestreams, you need high-end computers (highly specialized for gaming purpose)So the majority of us can't afford it.
So we are playing games in Mobile.
Many of us want to live to stream it on YouTube, but they cannot find out the right application for mobile.

So in this article, I want to expose some of the top 5 applications for live streaming. but the majority of them may contain ads. If you want you can pay for it.

I suggest that the 5th one is the best application with full support.
It's the best application according to me.

1.Youtube gaming

This is an official application from YouTube team. It doesn't contain any ads or third party things. So you can use it.some of the features are like,

Features :

* Easy to use
* User-friendly interface
*You can record external sound, your face(front camera is required)
*You can also watch others streaming
*Limited features (Drawback)
*Contains some bugs, So the application may crash.
Overall best for beginners.

2.Du recorder

Basically, it's a screen recorder which provides a live streaming option for YouTube. No need of any specific knowledge about live streaming.

Features :

*Easy to use
*No specific knowledge required
*Just stream like screen recording
*Allows screen recording and publish
*Some limits for usage.
*You can also earn money from it(for more info search in YouTube)
*You can only record screen and external sound

Some features are paid. So I can't say more about this can use it freely.

3.AZ recorder

Basically, a free application for screen recording and streaming.there were lots of features than other applications. according to me, it's a best application for streaming. I have personally used this application and it works well without any lags and all.

Features :

*No interface only tools
*You can record your face, external sound (mice), internal sound also!
*Unlimited recording, but limited features.
*No ads
*Direct streaming


The name suggests that it's a free live streaming application with great features.livestream is a best application for beginners. It doesn't contain any specific knowledge about streaming with a connection to the YouTube server and all.

Features :

*Easy to use
*No more requirements
*Anybody can handle smoothly
*Great features
*Some limitations in streaming with Facebook
*Account is needed

5 .omlate arcade 

Omlate arcade is an old and best application for live streaming,meet-plays, server facilities, twitch supports and is best for professional livestreamers.but some features are paid and you will get some trails only

Features :

*User-friendly and best to use
*You can play with connecting other gamers
*You can create your own server as discord
*Huge facilities to live stream in the twitch, YouTube, facebook etc
*You can interact with other players
*4K and HD support
*You can also watch others streaming
*Best for gaming it'self because this application is not for other streaming
*All device support

It's a best platform for gamers also you can earn followers with excellent streaming. this application ranked in google play store. For more tricks stay tuned with us.

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