how to get free uc in pubg

How to get free UC in PUBG - 100%  genuine and working method.
227 Million peoples were playing PlayerUnkown's BattleGround.You know that this game is so popular that people are ready to invest money in it. But many of us can't afford that much money to get those UC. If you don't know what is UC, It is a type of money used in PUBG to buy a new dress, emoji, Royal pass etc.

But many people don't want to use real money in it. So if you are one of it, You can follow this method to get free UC in PUBG. this method is a long term and genuine method of earning UC using Google survey money. this method may take 2-3 months to work let's know about it.

Follow this method to get free UC

1. Download the google survey application and configure it. refer this if you don't know about Google survey.

  Click here >> 

2. After configuration, Earn money through surveys (It might take 2-3 months to get more than 200 rupees)

3. Go to your Purchase section in PUBG. Before that, you should log in to your google play store with the same email which you are used in the Google survey app.

4. Click to the UC which you want, Be sure you have enough money.

5. That's it. Enjoy! Play PUBG (In a limit) and be free to share your problems, opinion

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  1. How much time it takes to earn ₹700 to get elite pass??

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