new television rule choosing our own channels

we know that the TRAI ( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ) brought new television rule with user-friendly steps.But it is not fully clear, that how this new thing will going to happen.

Here the costs are completely different for every cable and dth network. They can increase and reduce supported the demand. This monopoly can come back to associate finish and also the rate is distinctive for all the network currently ahead.

what's  new in policy :

According to the TRAI New tariff rules, they are not limited only to 100 free to air channels. Means we can able to choose any 100 free to air channels as our wish. There are kindly 548 Free to air channels available in the market. So that customer or death or cable tv subscribers can choose any 100 free to air channels.

The main intention of TRAI is subscribers, no need to pay an amount for which channels they don't like to watch. This new policy contains,
a subscriber must pay 130 rupees for one month  for the dth or cable tv services, In this 130 rupees plan the subscriber can choose and watch 100 free to air channels for one month. If subscriber want to watch more channels they can choose the channels as his/her wish. they can select the channel what they want and they have to pay the certain amount for that channel he/she choosen.

watch this video understand easily :

As per the new rules, the tv channel price list is given below.

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