WhatsApp Security Tips

To avoid some problem we can take care as much possible. So here are some tips which you may use for your security. These tips may be known to you. 

Tip no.1

The main thing is hiding our profile picture from strangers. This can be done in settings.

Steps:- Settings- Account- Privacy- Profile Photo- my contacts

This step helps you to hide your profile pic from strangers. You can also hide last seen, about me, status, live location etc. :D

Tip no.2

You can hide blue tick in your chat. But the disadvantage is you can't see others blue tick. But this can be taken as a positive thing. You can mentally well by this. (How??)  Let me explain: If somebody is ignoring you and not replying then if u disable blue tick, then you may think that "oh that guy haven't seen my msg, we will reply when he sees it." However, you may not remember about that settings because that chat is one side on"
Steps:- Settings- Account- Privacy-  Read Receipts
Disable there and work is done. If somebody is over irritating you and you don't want to HURT him by blocking him, then this is a perfect step ;)

Tip no. 3

Immediately blocking. Blocking is the weapon against those who chat with randomly typed numbers. If somebody is irritating you and you don't know them then immediately block that bastard. There are two steps to block people.

Step:- Open chat- click on 3 dots- More- Block. 
Open chat- click on the name- scroll down - block.

You can also unblock easily when needed. Your block list will be shown above reading RECEIPT in settings.

Tip no. 4

Always use status settings. Hide with those people who may laugh at your sadness and talk behind you. And also give a bad comment for your status. You can hide in two ways. Either show to selected to people or don't show to selected people.

Steps:- Status- 3 Vertical dots- Status Privacy
Or see  above tip ( tip no. 1)

Tip no.5

Steps:- Long press on message- click on star 🌟

Tip no.6

Always backup your chat. This will help you to regain your messages if you changed your phone.
Steps:- Settings- Chat- Chat Backup
( It will cost some internet)

Tip no.7

Otherscan delete their message for both people within a time period. So if they sent any abusive message and deleted then to detect use some applications available in playstore


Tip no.8

Think Before You Share. Don't share forwarded messages without thinking. This may create dispute among your friends or relatives. 

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