Shake Phone to Open App

Shake Phone And Open App

Now make yourself faster. Just shake your phone and open your favorite phone from any screen or app. This application permits you to shake your phone so as to trigger numerous actions! Even if your screen is off, you'll be able to still shake it, and it’ll work.

  • Click below link and install the app from Play store
  • Choose from your put in apps and shake your phone to open an app.
  • Set sensitivity for shaking

Example – Choose the camera app. And shake your phone from any screen of view and the open camera app.

You can set the Shake service to figure only if the screen is on, you'll be able to conjointly management the sensitivity of the shake. Pull down the notification bar. Long press the notification until a box appears. Hit the box that claims, “App Info.” Uncheck the box for “Show Notifications.” you wish to line the sensing element sensitivity higher. Also, make sure the app’s service is running.

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