audio to text converting app

how to convert audio into text?

This may be a billionaire question. because we can't write everything, every we were searching for those applications. but unfortunately, many of the applications were fake.
so today I am going to show you an excellent app for converting audio into text/speech to text.
this is an app designed for converting speech/audio to text.

Speech notes - Speech To Text app

Speech notes may be a powerful speech-enabled on-line pad of paper, styled to empower your concepts by implementing a clean design so you can focus on your thoughts.
We strive to supply the simplest on-line dictation tool by partaking last speech-recognition technology for the foremost correct results technology are able to do.

Professional Speech Recognizing Text Editor. Distraction-free, Fast, simple to Use & Free net App for Dictation 

One click to email, or print your note.

No Login, registration, installation, or download needed. Works "right out of the box".

Unlimited usage for free.

Leading Technology

Speech notes are based on Google's high-end speech-recognition engines.

Accuracy above 90%

Health Advantages to Voice Typing

Voice typewriting is one in every of the most suggested ways in which to reduce these risks because it permits you to take a seat back well, freeing your arms, hands, shoulders, and back altogether.

Who can benefit from Speech notes?

Anyone World Health Organization is uninterested in normal key-typing would possibly notice Speech notes helpful. It might even be useful specifically for folks with difficulties in typewriting.

Transcribers (from students to professionals) can notice Speech notes super useful, as they will hear a recording and repeat the speech into the mic, to get Speech notes to transcribe it for them.

Features engineered to extend Productivity for each Voice typewriting & Regular Key typewriting

Speech notes permit you to move from voice-typing (dictation) to key-typing seamlessly. This way, you'll dictate once convenient and sort once a lot of applications. You can additionally dictate and edit your text results quickly, and continue dictating. No need to go through app modes or even stop dictation.

Insert punctuation marks by speech (voice commands) or by a single click.

Auto save. Auto capitalization.

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