best dj app for mobile

best DJ app for mobile

today we are talking about world's best DJ application for mobile.we all of us want to make remix songs. means DJ music. but it's not easy as we think. we need heavy software and we can't make it out. but no need of warring.we can make professional DJ remix songs using this read this article from first to last...

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Music apps are becoming more and more advanced. when it comes specifically for DJ’s or those wanting to mix or tweak some tunes. We remember when we were in the struggle to make editing of favorite songs. but now there are thousands of apps which provide you with the best DJ making the opportunity.

so today we are talking about Cross DJ app. In other words of its makers, it is the. first pro DJ app on Android mobile.
that is an app that lets you mix perfectly-DJ remix, editing, tweaking etc.

features :

 1.mix tracks in this DJ with your own control your music with effects in this DJ
 3.MIDI effects also available can loop your audio
 5.tweaking tool also available in this DJ
 6.match TEMPO with sync buttons
and many more...

it's the best DJ app for your mobile ever.....

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